Digital LCD IR Infrared Forehead Body Surface Temperature Measur


Multiple function: Not only can measure body temperature, but also can measure the temperature of surface, room, bath water, food, baby milk etc. 

Fast and accurate:0.5 seconds measuring time and the accuracy is ±0.2°C(0.4°F)

Non contact: safe and clean, 5-15cm(2-5.9inch) measuring distance.

Easy to use: Operate with one button, very simple to use.

Three color backlight (color alarm): When the body temperature is normal, the backlight is Green, Yellow backlight for slight fever and Red backlight for high fever.

Large memories: can store 50 memories for data analysis.

    Non-contact Infrared body Thermometer with Three-color Backlight


Features of Thermometer


1-Color Fever Alarm Functions:

When temperature is normal – Green (32°C-37.3°C) 

When baby has slight fever – Orange (37.4°C-38°C) 

When baby has high fever – Red (38.1°C-39.1°C)

2. Two Models : Body & Surface 

user can switch between Body & Surface modes,Just press the Mode Button.

3. Measuring Range : 0-100 °C

This item can test human / object / Bath water,most of things

4. Operating Temperature 

This thermometer still can work when temperature is 5 centigrade,while most of thermometer can't do it.

5. Convenient: Non contact body or surface object,5-15cm,very fast and convenient.

Accurate: Chips were imported from the Germany,Long-term clinical data arroved.

Quick: Just need 0.5-1 second,very fast and accurate.

Safe: Non contact type,automatic induction ,no radiation.

Practical:Multi-function,Human body temp,Object temp(baby bath water).

Weight 500 kg